Dealing with a loved one who has only days left

Life is unpredictable; it holds surprises at every step of our lives, some pleasant, some very distressing, some devastating, some sad and some very ecstatic ones. The ones which make us jubilant and elated are always welcome, but the ones which shatter us are surprises we never want to encounter. Well that’s just wishful thinking; it’s a part of life.

Well what can be more shattering and heartbreaking than knowing that your loved one is going to leave you in a matter of few months? Death is inevitable, that’s the only bitter truth of life but then actually seeing it right in front of you, sends chills through your spine. 

It is a colossal task to inter your emotions and fake a smile on your countenance in front of a person who is critical and is holding on to the last straw of his life.

Casing up the fact that there is no cure for the disease requires a person with a strong will power and a massive empathetic nature.   It is not an easy task to stay calm and see the person slip by one day at a time.

There are elderly people who are diagnosed with acute leukemia in the final stages and the doctor knows that chemotherapy will be futile as it will only escalate the pain and suffering of the patient and will not make even an iota of difference. The pain will be excruciating and unimaginable. 

Well then how to react in this kind of a situation? The best way is to spend ample of quality time, reminiscing all the golden moments of life. Bring in positive vibes by talking about positive things in life and avoiding daily soaps which only add on to the stress level.

If the person is able to move about without any adverse issues like panting or getting out of breath, take the person out for a nature walk and spend time in the open, savoring the cool fresh breeze. Never be too busy with your life that you get so engrossed in yourself which makes things slip out of your mind. Let the person enjoy at leisure, never be in a hurry to wind up the outing.

Keep your gadgets aside, it will only reflect that you care and respect your loved one’s needs and give wholehearted attention. 

Play some soft soothing music, preferably something your dear one likes, something that he or she enjoys. Music is the best therapy and the best stress buster.

Blood transfusion too is a very agonizing treatment, but that is something that cannot be avoided when the hemoglobin and platelet counts are low. When taking the person for a blood transfusion, the patient has to be convinced that there is nothing serious in his or her health but that the transfusion is vital to bring up the hemoglobin and platelet count or else the person will become weak. Put up a cheerful face in front of the person at all times, even when you know that time is ticking away. 

Never make things conspicuous or else the person will start deteriorating rapidly. Keep away facts of the illness and never disclose it at any point what so ever.

Even when death is near don’t lose heart, you have seen how your loved one has borne the agony. You should prepare yourself to let go. You know you can’t hold on to something which is beyond your power. Prepare for the worst but put on a brave front with the utmost pleasantries with no sign of drained out emotions. Hold back your tears, you will let go them eventually when your loved one has crossed the bright light and laid to eternal rest.

Most significantly while carrying out your magnanimous deed never overdo anything which may make things very obvious and the person gets the feeling that something is gravely wrong. It sets fear in the mind of the patient. 

Remember, life is short, live with no regrets and  give all you can to your loved ones, all that you can, in all the possible ways you can and as long as you can. A rose given during a life time, is better than orchids placed on the grave.

Safety is Key For Children's Toys

 More often than not, the safety aspects of baby toys take a back seat to how cool it is. While buying the toys, the principal importance should be on safety rather than the aesthetic look or entertainment value. The market is flooded with toys that are not at all safe for babies. Let's see how to choose a baby toy and how to avoid the problems associated with well-known brands.

It is not kid's play when you are buying a toy for your baby. Give careful thought to the safety aspects involved when selecting toys.


The balloons kill more children than any other toy as per US CPSC (consumer product safety commission). The suffocation problems arise out from broken pieces of the balloon, as well as balloons not inflated, is very high.  At least 110 deaths among babies below six years of age are caused by balloons. Older children also have died of the same problem.


The toy 'basketball net' is equal as dangerous. The chances of the loose net getting entangled in the head or neck of the kids are pretty high. The sliding knots can get detached easily from the rim, hence avoiding that is better. Having crossed 11 million in sales, the toy 'basketball net' has taken the toll of at least 20 children.

Swimming Pool Toys

The hard plastic diving pieces in the swimming pool dive stick' toy are hazardous as that can cause rectal or vaginal impalement. It is time to discard those parts and get a refund. CPSC have data on at least a dozen injuries to kids below 11 years from the 19 million 'sticks' sold.

Silly String

In spite of a ban on flammable products to be used by children, the ‘Flammable Spray String has sold over a million. This spray can cause burns when sprayed around the flame. You can return, get a refund or even inform the authorities.

Light Sabers

The broken spring in the battery in the 'Star Wars Lightsabers" can overheat the battery and result in bursting. At least 43 cases of injuries or malfunctions are reported. You can get a free repair kit from the manufacturer who sold 0.6 million units by now.


The microphone of the "Pooh Poppin' Piano'" with a record sale of 202,000 units can get detached or broken and cause suffocation to kids. At least three cases are reported from the carrot shaped microphone malfunctioning. You can demand a replacement depending on the batch number.

Blue's Clues Notebooks

The sharp bends on the coil ends of the 'Blue clues Toy Notebooks' can break away and cause choking and injuries to small children. There are four reported cases, and the toy is now recalled partially. You can avoid product replacement costs.

Precious Moment's Toys

The pompoms of the "Precious Moments Tender Tails Stuffed Toys" can break away and cause suffocation to kids. At least three cases are reported so far. Free replacement of the defective ones is possible.

In 1988 alone over 0.12 million kids were treated in ER for injuries caused by toys. The following are the safety precautions to prevent injuries:

• Buy only certified safe toys and choose those toys that are suitable for particular age and IQ.

• Toys with sharp and projected parts or edges should be avoided.

• Select only toys having ASTM safety stipulations.

• Avoid weapons like- BB, guns, paint, bows, and arrows, dart, etc.- toys.

• While participating in sports and field games, always wear helmets, goggles, shoes, face masks, etc. that are recommended.


In days gone by, it was simply unheard of for women to work out or exercise while pregnant. Things are changing now, and research shows that it is safe for both mommy and baby to exercise. 

Pregnancy is marked by many changes in the mum to be's body. Much time may be spent feeling under the weather. Swollen feet, back pain and general aches and pains are not uncommon. 

Exercise during pregnancy will boost your mood, reduce aches and pains and improve your sleep.  It also prepares your body for childbirth by strengthening muscles and creating stamina and makes it much stress-free to get back into shape after the birth.

So what forms of exercises are safe when pregnant?
The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends expectant mothers to get at least 30 minutes of adequate exercise per day, most days of the week. The ideal exercise should keep your heart pumping and keeps you fit without undue stress on both you and your baby.

The standard rule is to listen to your body. If you feel likes it is hurting or not comfortable, stop. The following are considered safe for you though you may have to cut back some as you near your delivery date.

Fitness experts and health providers encourage swimming as the safest exercise during pregnancy. No matter the size of you baby bump, you will feel very light. In fact while in water, you weigh only a tenth of what you weigh while on land. 
Swimming will exercise all the major muscles, offers cardiovascular benefits and reduces lower back pain.

This is the best one yet. You do not require any equipment to participate except your sneakers, and it can be carried out anywhere.
You can continue walking as an exercise till your delivery date. Be sure to avoid wet and slippery places, elevations, and rough terrain. 

Aerobics are excellent for strengthening and toning your muscles. As your abdomen enlarges, shun any activities that need careful balance. Taking a pregnancy class will give you the assurance that you are doing the right thing since you will be in the company of other pregnant women.

Indoor cycling
This is a wonderful way to exercise and allows you to keep fit without the risk of falling.  Try changing your cardio training to a stationary bike, or try an indoor cycling class. It is recommended that you tell your instructor that you are expectant. Do not overwork. Feel free to skip any strenuous workouts.

Get your heart to pump to the rhythm of your favorite tunes. This can be done right in your living room or by joining a dance class. Avoid any twirls, spins or moves that you could hurt you.

If you are looking to build endurance and exercise your heart, running is just the thing for you.
If you are a veteran, doing runs up to 30 minutes long is fine. If you are a newbie, you may want to start slow then build your pace to last 30 minutes for every run.
Many pregnant women will usually want to know whether it is safe to exercise. The truth is it si not only safe but also recommended to exercise while pregnant.
This usually helps in preparing the body for childbirth and getting into shape quickly after the baby arrives.
It is also easier to lose weight added during pregnancy if you have been exercising.

Breastfeeding Benefits for Momma

 Breastfeeding is a hot topic these days, but it provides wonderful, natural nutrition for your baby as well as many health benefits. In addition to offering health benefits to your baby, mom can benefit from breastfeeding as well. Know that you are doing the best thing possible for your baby and yourself when you breastfeed. 

1) Life is much easier when you breastfeed. At first, it will take more effort, but once you and your baby get settled into a routine, life is so much easier. 

2) Breastfeeding saves you money. Did you know that feeding supplies and formula can cost you well over $1,500 every year, depending on how much your baby eats? 

3) Breastfeeding feels great to both mom and newborn. Physical contact is very critical to a newborn’s growth and development.

4) It has been mentioned that breastfeeding is good for the baby’s health- he or she will be sick much less than a formula fed baby. However, it is also very beneficial to mom’s health as well. Studies show that breastfeeding has been linked to lower the following health problems in women: 

• Breast cancer
• Ovarian cancer
• Type 2 diabetes
• Postpartum depression

The experts are still looking into the connection between breastfeeding and lowered risk of osteoporosis. Also, studies are being done to find the connection between breastfeeding and losing weight after giving birth. Many studies have shown that moms who breastfeed lose more weight than those that don’t, but more research is needed to establish a true link between the two. 

5) Finally, mothers who breastfeed tend to miss less work because their babies are sick less often. 

So, breastfeeding is beneficial not only for baby, but for mom as well. So, next time someone gives you a hard time about breastfeeding your baby, just smile and know that you’re doing the best you possibly can for the both of you. Keep in mind that you’re doing something natural and beautiful for both you and your baby. Never let anyone shame you or make you feel bad for it.

Getting Ready to be a First-time Dad

“Congratulations, you are going to be a dad.” These words are soothing to many ears. However, these words also indicate that your life will be completely altered? Though exciting, being a dad first-time dad is not an easy thing. It gets even tougher if you don't get ready for it. How can a man prepare to be a first-time father? Here are five important things that every dad should do in preparation for the arrival of the baby

1. Accepting that things will change
The very first step to preparing to be a first-time father is accepting that your life will never be the same again.  Your free time will reduce significantly, and you will have to consider your child before making any decision. If you thought that you can simply squeeze your child in your tight schedule think again. The truth is that from the moment the baby arrives, you will have to make your schedule around your baby’s schedule not the other way round. Your sex life will change, so will your relationship with your partner. All these are things you need to accept rather than fight.

2. Attend parenting classes
You will have to learn some things about parenting. Where else can you learn this than in parenting classes! The information offered in these classes is very useful and especially for first-time parents. Here you learn how to handle the delicate baby in the right way, change diapers, and bathe the baby among others. Believe it or not, all this will come in handy when the baby is born. Reading parenting books, magazines and journals will also provide you with tons of useful information.

3. Prepare financially
Your finances will change with the arrival of the baby. There will be medical bills to be settled, clothes to be bought and other baby related things to be catered for. If your partner has been working, she may have to take an unpaid leave or quit her job altogether to take care of the baby. You may also have to hire someone to take care of the baby while you go to work or even move into a larger house. You do not want to get caught financially unprepared. The burden that comes with it is intolerable. If you can, consult a financial planner. You will get guidance on how to handle your finances efficiently.

4. Helping out with the house chores
Taking care of the child can be tiring. The truth is that by the end of the day, your wife will be probably too tired to lift even a spoon. You need to help her with the house chores as well as taking care of the baby. You might have to cut on those boys’ night outs and get home early. Your wife will appreciate all the help she can get. Additionally, getting home early allows you to spend some quality time with your family.

5. Have people to talk to
Establishing a social support system right before your child is born is important. You will have people to share with your fears. These could be either your friends, family or a specialist. Additionally, talk with your partner about how your life will change with the arrival of the child. Together you can figure out possible ways on how to cope with the changes. This will make life easier for everybody.

Being a first-time dad is not easy. However, if you physically and psychologically prepared, it will be much easier to adjust to being a first-time father.